Gum Recession · 03. October 2018
Yes, Bleeding Gums Are a Big Deal Many people shrug off bleeding gums as a common but inconvenient problem that isn’t anything to worry about. While it is a common problem, it’s definitely something to worry about as it’s your body letting you know that something is wrong. What Does It Mean if Your Gums Are Bleeding Sometimes gums bleed for simple reasons like a blood-thinning medication or a new firmer toothbrush.
27. September 2018
Understanding the process and dispelling common myths Dr Simon Darfoor, a Cosmetic & Implant Dentist based at 1 Harley Street, London explains and discusses what is involved. What are dental veneers? In a society where one is becoming increasingly judged on presentation and aesthetic beauty it is no surprise that there has been an exponential growth in medical aesthetic procedures with enhancements such as teeth whitening and the provision of dental veneers increasing
Gum Recession · 26. September 2018
When recession of the gum occurs possibly through periodontal (gum) disease, trauma or an abrasive brushing technique, the body loses a natural defence bacterial penetration and trauma. When gum recession is a problem, gum reconstruction using grafting techniques are viable options alongside traditional restorative treatment measures such as desensitising agents and composite restorations at the gum margin. visit our website :
dentist · 26. September 2018
Who is an ideal candidate for dental implants. Lost and missing teeth is a common occurrence and this can happy unexpectedly through dental trauma but most commonly due to various reasons such as a. the ageing process b. gum disease c. tooth decay If left untreated missing teeth can cause many problems ranging from drifting of teeth, increased fracture of teeth – notwithstanding the appearance of a missing tooth (especially if it is at the front of the mouth). visit website : https://www.drdarf